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WRA Joint Board of Directors & Executive Committee Meeting and WRA General Assembly |

Frankfurt, Germany | 28 September 2023

The 2023 World Refractories Association’s (WRA) Joint Board of Directors and Executive Committee Meeting and General Assembly took place on 28 September,in Frankfurt, Germany.

Around 40 WRA Members, executives from the refractory industry, and national associations from all over the world gathered in person and remotely to discuss relevant topics and key updates pertaining the refractory industry at global level.

The meetings started with the WRA Joint Board of Directors & Executive Committee Meeting, held to discuss the work of the WRA Committee as well as the priorities, challenges of the sector, and mid- and long-term objectives.

The Meeting was followed by the WRA General Assembly meeting, in which key outcomes of the work developed by the different WRA Committees were presented and discussed. The WRA Secretariat shared the evolution of statistics regarding safety, while the technical and communications committees presented their reports on the work carried out.

The WRA General Assembly was also the stage for the 2023 WRA Safety Awards. In recognition of the improvement of safety practices, Gold was awarded to Vesuvius Customer Location (India), Silver to Vesuvius India Ltd – Kolkata Plant (India),and Bronze to Krosaki Harima Ako Plant (Japan).

Top and bottom, Mr. Patrick Andre receives the Gold and Silver awards on behalf of the Vesuvius Customer Location in India and Vesuvius Kolkata Plant; Mr. Hiroki Abe receives the Bronze award granted to the Krosaki Harima Ako Plant.

The WRA Meetings were held in the context of the 2023 The Unified International Technical Conference of Refractories (UNITECR), kindly hosted by DFFI and organised by ECREF.


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