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Improving Manufacturing Employees' Mental Health

Addressing mental health as a manufacturing company requires strategic initiatives to reach, engage and support the entire workforce.

Extreme conditions in industrial workplace environments, such as loud noises, artificial lighting, and isolation, present opportunities for anxiety to sink in.

Identifying the unique challenges and stressors workers in different parts of an organization might be experiencing can help employees that feel invisible to re-connect with the company and benefit from various programs.

Implementing higher quality management interactions, opportunities for work reprieves, and chances to detach from repetitive work via work rotations can help relieve feelings of boredom and social isolation.

Employees can be supported by mental healthcare programs that consider their workplace needs and outside lives, helping develop initiatives that deliver a complete wellness approach.

Referrals for counselling can also help treat developing mental health issues and improve work performance.

Fixing mental health in manufacturing means putting people at the very center of decision making. Companies that do will experience far greater mental health across their organizations, and company goals and performance will elevate due to heightened employee morale and productivity.


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